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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a unique and effective method for restoring balance and alignment in the body, providing lasting relief for many different issues. It is great for relieving muscular and structural pain, joint pain, digestive issues, lymphatic congestion, poor circulation, respiratory and endocrine disfunction, stress relief, pregnancy related issues, children and babies with musculoskeletal issues, and babies with colic and tongue-tie. It works with all the systems of the body, and one usually leaves feeling light, limber and rejuvenated!


With deep holds around specific pressure and meridian points, gentle rolls across muscle fibers and connective tissue, we activate the nervous system to release tension, replenish blood flow, and enable the body to heal. The whole body is addressed for the greatest immediate relief, balanced posture and lasting effect. Most people have their issues, whether acute or chronic, resolved in 1-3 sessions. In addition, most people see great (and sometimes unexpected) health benefits and continue with monthly or quarterly treatments for preventative measures and as part of their self-care regimen.


Unlike many Bowen practitioners, who may treat several people at a time, I work one-on-one with my clients to give them a more profound and transformative experience.


For more about my training, path & style, please see About Me.

For kids and infants I offer discounts, so please call or text or email for pricing and scheduling.

  30/60/90/120 minute session=   50/90/120/140 $

Massage Therapy

A blend of relaxing massage with restorative deep tissue work and stretching, for immediate pain relief, improved health and lasting therapeutic results. I have available free of charge cupping (silicone), therapeutic grade essential oils, and hot towels. For more about my training, path and style, please see About Me. 

  30/60/90/120 minute session=   50/90/120/140 $

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy works on the mind-body connection, combining psychotherapy and bodywork to deeply and effectively explore, heal and integrate. It works well with any physical, mental and emotional issues, traumas and patterns. We curiously, compassionately, and inclusively work to develop self-to-part relationships, creating new neural pathways to provide the mind and body with choices, agency and healthier responses and postures.

I'm certified as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy (, an evidence-based psychotherapy modality. It's often described as teaching people how to do self therapy, which I really appreciate as I strive to empower people as much as possible in their own health and bodies. 

  30/60/90/120 minute session=   50/90/120/140 $

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