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Young woman

I have been receiving Bowen treatments from Amy for over a year and can't speak highly enough about her work. She is not only well-skilled, she is also very present during the sessions. She is not working ON me, but is working WITH me. She stays aware of what is going on and is not just performing techniques. I feel more relaxed and integrated when the session is over. Many of my chronic symptoms are improving from the work. Amy is kind, caring, professional, and very gifted.

Karen, Acupuncturist

"Last year I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I was in so much pain. Honestly. I just stumbled on Amy... in two sessions my lower back was pain free. It's been almost a year and I now go once a month just to keep my body in check (I have a physically demanding job) and mostly because it helps me feel good. What I love about Amy is how sweet she is and she seems to know right where it hurts. She is also open to trying new styles to help with what my body seems to need."

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Shawn B.

Happy woman

"I have had fibromyalgia for many years and was in a lot of pain on many different medications. After seeing Amy I am off of the major medications I was taking for over 6 years. She has changed my outlook on what I believe I can do living with fibromyalgia.  She has helped me regain my joy in life again almost pain free.  
Amy has such a warm and inviting soul and makes you feel very comfortable from the very first visit. She is an amazing healer and I feel very blessed to have found her."

Desiree P.

"I have been seeing Amy for sciatic nerve pain for about a year and a half. Her gentle, magical touch somehow completely relieved me of the sciatica, and also the chronic neck and shoulder pain. I am completely pain & drug free and no longer need to see the chiropractor! Amy is funny and caring and so good at what she does...and she is a great listener, too! I bring all my baggage to her table and I leave it all behind."

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Jim B.

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

"I had horrible back and hip pain my whole pregnancy and by the 8th month, it was almost unbearable. I didn't have much hope that Bowen Therapy would help and was an admitted skeptic at first. I was quickly put at ease by Amy's friendly and down to earth attitude. She explained to me the different techniques before beginning and seemed genuinely concerned with my reactions to them. And it was immediate relief! I would definitely recommend getting a Bowen treatment from Amy to any pregnant woman as soon as she begins to feel discomfort!"

Elizabeth W.

"I went to see Amy Moran for Bowen Therapy when I was in major pain. My hip was out of alignment (so much that my legs were different lengths!), it felt like my back was about to go out at any moment, and my sciatic nerve was giving me a lot of pain too...Once she started working on me I could feel my body responding immediately - my hip seemed to be moving back into place, and I could feel the energy and blood rushing throughout my body. I was immediately better! My hip was in place where it should be and my back felt solid and pain free... I'm so grateful that I was referred to Amy. Her work on me has made a world of difference!"

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Casey J.

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

"Outstanding experience!! I brought my toddler to Amy, and she was incredibly patient and understanding. He suffered from acid reflux (gerd) since he was born... I could instantly see a difference in him after the first session! He was quite the "wiggle worm" at first, but Amy kept him calm with her soothing voice and touch. I even noticed his complexion became a healthy rosy glow, instead of his usual pale skin tone. He slept incredibly well and is so much happier. Can't wait for our next session! Amy is the BEST!!"

Lana D.

"Bowen Therapy is the only discipline that has relieved my chronic back pain and Amy is simply the best Bowen therapist I have found. She has wonderful, intuitive healing hands and a warm heart. Very excellent! Try her, you will be glad you did!"

bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Bob T.

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

"Amy is an absolutely wonderful bodywork therapist... While I still have lots of work to do, Amy has been the catalyst in my body's healing journey. Her knowledgeable and gentle touch is comforting and soothing. After a session with Amy, I am able to stand taller and feel more balanced, and I feel at peace. I highly recommend Amy as a healer, and I am looking forward to our next session."

Allisone M.

"My massage with Chenelle was my favorite massage experience to date. 

Rather than solely manipulating my muscles, she knew how to move my body to create the stretches and release it needed to really get into each muscle and work it out. She uses the perfect combination of gentleness and strength, and communication and intuition. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and uses a combination of styles infused with her own unique flow. She created a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to help me melt into the experience. Overall, my experience with Chenelle left my body, mind and spirit feeling more relaxed and centered. Do yourself a favor and book a massage with her - you deserve it!!!"

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Sea S.

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