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"I’m recovering from a knee surgery and Chenelle was considerate of the injury and around it. She did an amazing job working out the different muscles and tissue that were being affected by the injury. The experience was amazing. She did an incredible job and I had instant relief after the session. I stayed plenty hydrated and followed her post session recommendations and was feeling like a new person within a couple days. I highly recommend Chenelle and look forward to going back to her for continued treatments." 

Evan D.

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Sea S.

"My massage with Chenelle was my favorite massage experience to date. Rather than solely manipulating my muscles, she knew how to move my body to create the stretches and release it needed to really get into each muscle and work it out. She uses the perfect combination of gentleness and strength, and communication and intuition. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and uses a combination of styles infused with her own unique flow. She created a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to help me melt into the experience. Overall, my experience with Chenelle left my body, mind and spirit feeling more relaxed and centered. Do yourself a favor and book a massage with her - you deserve it!!!"

"I have been seeing Amy for sciatic nerve pain for about a year and a half. Her gentle, magical touch somehow completely relieved me of the sciatica, and also the chronic neck and shoulder pain. I am completely pain & drug free and no longer need to see the chiropractor! Amy is funny and caring and so good at what she does...and she is a great listener, too! I bring all my baggage to her table and I leave it all behind."

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Jim B.

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"The most thorough massage I've ever received. I knew where I needed some work, but Chenelle intuitively knew where some hidden tension and knots were and worked them out SO nicely!! I can't wait until my next session, I was so relaxed and energized afterwards. She is also extremely mindful of your comfort and really ensures that you are getting proper treatment! HIGHLY recommend"

Nalu L.

"Bowen Therapy is the only discipline that has relieved my chronic back pain and Amy is simply the best Bowen therapist I have found. She has wonderful, intuitive healing hands and a warm heart. Very excellent! Try her, you will be glad you did!"

bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

Bob T.

Bowen therapy review Amy Moran LMT

"Outstanding experience!! I brought my toddler to Amy, and she was incredibly patient and understanding. He suffered from acid reflux (gerd) since he was born... I could instantly see a difference in him after the first session! He was quite the "wiggle worm" at first, but Amy kept him calm with her soothing voice and touch. I even noticed his complexion became a healthy rosy glow, instead of his usual pale skin tone. He slept incredibly well and is so much happier. Can't wait for our next session! Amy is the BEST!!"

Lana D.

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